Global Mosaic TV Series

Patsy Northcutt co-produced Global Mosaic, an international TV coproduction that weaves personal stories, independent journalism and expert insights about issues of global concern. The series fosters insight and empathy through powerful storytelling and offer solutions to our most urgent global problems. Premiered September, 2020 on Link TV, KCET (PBS in L.A.) and PBS SoCal. See website for upcoming airdates.

Working hands-on for two of the episodes, Patsy Co-Directed/Produced YOUNG WOMEN RISING: Could Empowering Girls Transform the World? and Directed/Edited WATER FOR LIFE: Is Safe Water a Human Right?. Both are available streaming.

Patsy Northcutt: Series Co-Producer
Series Co-Producer: Kim Spencer
Client: Link TV & KCET (PBS in L.A.): Southern California Public Media Group

Global Mosaic: YOUNG WOMEN RISING Episode

Watch now: YOUNG WOMEN RISING: Could Empowering Girls Transform the World? an episode of Global Mosaic. Premiered September, 2020 on Link TV, KCET (PBS in L.A.) and PBS SoCal. See website for upcoming airdates.

Patsy Northcutt: Episode Co-Director/Producer
Series Co-Producers: Patsy Northcutt & Kim Spencer
Client: Link TV & KCET (PBS in L.A.): Southern California Public Media Group

On Common Ground TV Series

Watch now: On Common Ground is a series of short films that tell stories of people whose lives have been shaped by our public lands. They are available streaming and air periodically on Link TV. These stories remind us of all that we stand to lose if we sell, pollute, privatize or otherwise destroy the literal common ground we share as Americans.

Patsy Northcutt: Co-Producer
Client: On Common Ground

Vanishing Coral – Broadcast Documentary

EARTH FOCUS: Vanishing Coral, is the story of people in Bali, Indonesia working to save coral reefs being destroyed by warming oceans and destructive fishing practices. The program premiered primetime on KCET in Los Angeles and nationwide on Link TV via satellite on DIRECTV (ch. 375) and DISH Network (ch. 9410).

Patsy Northcutt: Editor
Northcutt Productions provided the editing, post production facilities, colorist, and coral footage from our underwater fly through camera operator.
Client: Southern California Public Media Group/CEM Productions
Director: Stephen Olsson, CEM Productions, Executive Producer: Kim Spencer, Link TV / KCET

“Working with Patsy Northcutt on EARTH FOCUS: Vanishing Coral reminded me of the top editors when I was at ABC News Primetime–who were some of the best in the business. She has mastery of the technology, a natural sensibility for how to make a powerful sequence without a lot of experimenting, and a great sense for the story arc. Director Stephen Olsson and I felt like we were part of a creative family at her studio. Patsy brings out the best in people, and the high level of respect that she has with her team greatly benefited our project.”

Kim Spencer
Co-Founder, Link TV & Executive Producer, Link TV / KCET

Pachamama Alliance – Experiential Interactive Videos

Working closely with the Pachamama Alliance team, Northcutt Productions provided concept to completion production of a series of twelve short videos for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, that address: Where are we? How did we get here? What is possible for the future? and Where do we go from here? They play like an interactive documentary, woven with a series of powerful live experiences that deepen what participants experience with the videos. We update these videos every few years.

Patsy Northcutt: Co-Producer/Director/Editor
Client: Pachamama Alliance: Jon Love and Tracy Apple
Co-Producer/Writer: Mary Chase and Co-Director/Writer: Neal Rogin

“Impeccable is the word I would use to describe Patsy Northcutt’s standard and quality of work. She is a master at what she does, and is unstoppable in her commitment to produce flawless, effective, brilliant videos. The added gift is that she and her team are a total joy to work with.”

Tracy Apple
Director of Educational Program Content, Pachamama Alliance
“Patsy is the best film producer I have ever worked with! Her ability to bring together and manage a diverse team of very creative and energetic people made the impossible become possible. The impact of the films she has worked on have touched millions, changing minds, hearts and lives in the process. If you are doing a film with a purpose, hire Patsy.”

Jon Love
Former Director, Strategic Initiatives, Pachamama Alliance

Journey of the Universe–PBS Documentary & Trailer

Northcutt Productions co-produced the Emmy® Award winning documentary, Journey of the Universe: An Epic Story of Cosmic, Earth and Human Transformation. In this one-hour film, evolutionary philosopher Brian Thomas Swimme guides us through the origins of life to our present challenges. Weaving modern science with enduring wisdom from the world’s cultures, the film explores cosmic and Earth evolution as a profound process of creativity, connection, and interdependence, and offers an opportunity to respond to ecological and social challenges of our times.

The film broadcast primetime on PBS in most major cities and played in select theaters. It is now available FREE with Amazon Prime. Northcutt also produced the film trailer (above) and Journey of the Universe Conversations, a twenty-part educational series (30 minutes each) in a 4-DVD set, available free through Yale University’s Coursera offering and on

Northern California Emmy® Award for Best Documentary
Montana CINE International Festival Global Award

Patsy Northcutt: Co-Director/Producer & Editor
Co-Director/Producer: David Kennard; Co-Producer: Catherine Butler
Client: Brian Thomas Swimme, Ph.D. (Host/Co-Writer) and Mary Evelyn Tucker, Ph.D.
See Film Production Credits
See Conversation Series Production Credits

“The beauty and artistry of Patsy Northcutt’s filmmaking is soul stirring. Working with her was one of the greatest experiences of creativity in my life. I was burning with passion to bring forth something beautiful, but did not know how to do it. Patsy and her team worked with me until they intuited what we were after. And then she made it happen — with the pacing, the visuals, the plot, the music. Day by day, she worked her magic and it was mesmerizing to be a part of it. Patsy Northcutt insists on excellence and she knows how to make it happen.”

Brian Thomas Swimme, Ph.D.
Host & Co-Writer, Journey of the Universe


Teen Pregnancy Prevention Documentary

Northcutt Productions produced I Wish I had Waited: The Realities of Teen Parenting, a 17 minute documentary short. Teens talking to teens, upbeat and rich with visuals and movement. Distributed to high schools and junior high schools and throughout California.

Patsy Northcutt: Director/Producer/Editor and Co-Writer
Client: Community of Caring, Gilroy
Executive Producer/Co-Writer: Mary Smathers

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