EARTH FOCUS: Vanishing Coral, is part of the Earth Focus half-hour PBS series. This episode was devoted to saving the world’s coral reefs. It tells the story of two scientists taking action on insights they gained from within the Biosphere II project, and follows locals in Bali, Indonesia using various strategies to save coral reefs being destroyed by warming oceans and destructive fishing practices. The program premiered primetime on PBS SoCal, KCET (PBS in Los Angeles) and nationwide on Link TV.

Northcutt Productions provided the editing, post production facilities, colorist, and coral footage from our underwater fly through camera operator.


CLIENT/DIRECTOR: Stephen Olsson, CEM Productions


EDITOR: Patsy Northcutt

“Working with Patsy Northcutt on EARTH FOCUS: Vanishing Coral reminded me of the top editors when I was at ABC News Primetime–who were some of the best in the business. She has mastery of the technology, a natural sensibility for how to make a powerful sequence without a lot of experimenting, and a great sense for the story arc. Director Stephen Olsson and I felt like we were part of a creative family at her studio. Patsy brings out the best in people, and the high level of respect that she has with her team greatly benefited our project.”

Kim Spencer
Co-Founder, Link TV and Executive Producer, Link TV/KCET