From 2001-2010, Patsy Northcutt directed and produced a four-camera live satellite feed and webcast of the annual 3-day National Bioneers Conference’ main stage, featuring keynote speeches and performances. Northcutt Productions provided the video team, equipment and engineering team for this annual gathering of the tribe. Many of the videos can be found on the Bioneers YouTube Channel. See some favorite links below.

Patsy also edited and produced a marketing video: Meet the Bioneers: Turning Vision into Action; edited half hour programs that aired on Free Speech TV and Link TV; and produced DVDs for the Bioneers store.

PRODUCED FOR: BIONEERS—Revolution from the Heart of Nature


“Patsy worked with us at Bioneers for 10 years and she is a joy to collaborate with. The teams she assembled are skillful, mature and gifted team players, and she adapted styles and approaches that improved our media products year after year. Our team loved working with her, and found her to be consistently creative, professional and responsive to suggestions. If you’re considering working with Northcutt Productions, I’d say go for it!”

     Nina Simons
     President and Co-Founder, Bioneers/CHI

A Few Favorites on YouTube (a partial list):

Janine Benyus – Biomimicry: Emulating Life’s Genius and Grace

Janine Benyus – What Life Knows

Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company-Story of Stuff
The last several minutes of Destiny Arts’ dance performance (starting 9 minutes in), is the most dynamic example of our team’s live switch work among these samples.

Paul Hawken – The Other Superpower
Paul Hawken is also a client and we worked closely with him to create the animation with original music within the above speech.

Van Jones – Towards a Green Alliance: Birthing a New Politics

Van Jones – The Marriage of Social Justice & Environmental Protection

Terry Tempest Williams – The Open Space of Democracy

David Suzuki – Restoring Life’s Fabric

Holly Near Sings “The Souls Are Coming Back”

Sarah Crowell – The Courage to Walk in Beauty

Nina Simons – Women, Purpose and Power

Chief Oren Lyons – The Roots of American Democracy

Annie Leonard – The Story of Stuff

Wallace J. Nichols – A Brave New Ocean, or an Ocean Revolution?