Patsy Northcutt co-produced the four-episode TV mini-series, Global Mosaic. The series is an international TV coproduction that weaves personal stories, independent journalism and expert insights about issues of global concern. Each program fosters insight and empathy through powerful storytelling and offer solutions to our most urgent global problems. The series premiered primetime in 2020-2021 on Link TV, KCET (PBS in L.A.) and PBS SoCal.

Working hands-on for three of the episodes, Patsy Co-Directed/Produced YOUNG WOMEN RISING: Could Empowering Girls Transform the World?, Co-Directed and Edited WATER FOR LIFE: Is Safe Water a Human Right? and Co-Produced/EditedTHE CUBA BLOCKADE: Why Continue Economic Sanctions?. All are available streaming.

CLIENT: Link TV & KCET (PBS in L.A.)
A Public Media Group of Southern California production
in association with Northcutt Productions, LLC
SERIES CO-PRODUCERS: Patsy Northcutt and Kim Spencer


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