Creative Producer / Director / Editor

Patsy Northcutt is an Emmy® Award winning documentary producer, director, editor and the principal of Northcutt Productions, LLC. Northcutt  is currently co-producing a 4-episode TV mini-series, Global Mosaic for the Public Media Group of Southern California: KCET (PBS in L.A.) and Link TV, scheduled to air primetime on Wednesdays in March, 2021. Clients include Apple, NASA, Intel, University of San Francisco, Journey of the Universe, Pachamama Alliance, Bioneers and Global Footprint Network.

Patsy’s lifelong love of filmmaking is coupled with decades of business experience and commitment to telling engaging stories that inspire humanity towards a positive and sustainable future.

1) Creative Producer / Director
2) Producer / Editor with MacPro / Adobe CC edit suite
3) Concept to completion film and video production

Patsy has 25 years experience running a business and creating films that speak to the heart of audiences and achieve intended results. She is profoundly committed to quality and client satisfaction. Awards include:
• NorCal Emmy® Award – Best Documentary
• Global Award – Montana CINE International Festival
• Gold Cindy-Interactive Marketing – Siemens Semiconductors
• Chairman Award – WebWare

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